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Film law

Best Film Lawyers Arizona

Top Film Lawyers

Our top film attorneys represents clients from business plan strategy, investment raises, production, and distribution. We have helped clients produce, finance, and market both SAG-AFTRA and independent films, and we know that making a film is a lot of work. From five figure budget productions to multi-million-dollar budgets, we have professional experience in every stage of developing a film, all the way to the big screen. 


We are pleased to assist your film project in the following areas:

  • Business Plans

  • Investor Negotiations

  • Contract Drafting & Negotiations

  • Chain-Of-Title Clearance

  • Copyright Clearance 

  • Music Clearance

  • Securities Compliance

  • Budget Preparation

  • Corporate Filings

  • Trademark Filings

  • Film Distribution 

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We always attempt alternative dispute resolution before proceeding to litigation, however, if you or your business or film faces litigation, you deserve the best representation.

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