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Copyright Protection

Copyright is similar to owning a car. The car is your property, and if someone comes and borrows it without first getting permission, a dispute is likely to arise. The Copyright Act provides immediate copyright protection as soon as you make your creative work, however, you want to ALSO register your creative work with the Library of Congress, which is a requirement to enforcing your copyright in a Court of law. Our firm offers the following services to our clients:

  • Copyright Registration

  • Copyright Dispute & Infringement

  • Copyright Litigation

Although Copyright Law provides you protection, even without formally registering your copyright, there are nonetheless benefits to a formal registration through the Library of Congress. Here are a few of those benefits:



You have the right to sue in a court of law (this is an important one, because if you do not have a Copyright Certificate, you will be unable to file a lawsuit to enforce your Copyright).

Public Notice

You now have a public record of your copyright claim.

Prima Facie Evidence of Ownership 


If you registered within 5 years of publication, you now have assumed evidence that your copyright claim is valid (they call it “prima facie” evidence).

Attorney’s Fees 


Statutory damages and your attorney’s fees are available, so long as your registration was made within 3 months after publication of your work.