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If you're ready to expand your business, our top Arizona franchise attorneys have you covered. Preparing the Franchise Disclosure Document is a critical step in complying with state and federal law. At Delgado Entertainment Law Firm, we have extensive experience in assisting franchisors with this essential document.


How we ensure your success:

  • Initial Meeting and Goal Assessment: In our first meeting, we address crucial issues for start-up franchisors, including determining the appropriate franchise structure. We use in-depth discussions and a detailed questionnaire to understand your goals and objectives.

  • Drafting and Compliance: After the initial meeting, we meticulously draft the necessary documents in compliance with federal and state laws. Our team ensures that all 23 items or sections required in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) are included. 

  • Ironclad Contracts: We include several exhibits in the FDD, such as sample franchise agreements, the operations manual's table of contents, financial statements, and other relevant sample agreements. Our attorneys also provide advice on making financial representations in the FDD and help you understand the associated risks.

Our top Arizona franchise attorneys will provide personalized and comprehensive representation. We look forward to helping your business grow. 

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