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Our top rated firm is comprised of experienced business attorneys ready to help you grow your business and career.  Our specialty areas include general business, business litigation, technology, franchise, entertainment, and sports

You come first, period. We have continued to deliver exceptional results for almost 10 years, and we are dedicated to making your dreams a reality. 

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Arizona Business Attorneys

Business Law

Contracts | Negotiations | LLCs &  Corporations | Litigation | Buy/Sell Agreements

Arizona Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property

Copyright | Trademarks | USPTO Litigation | Trade Secrets - Licensing | NFTs

Best Film Lawyers


Music | Film/TV | Performing Arts |

Influencers| Branding |Social Media

Franchise Attorneys Arizona


Franchise Agreement | Franchise Disclosure Document 

Best Sports Laywers Arizona

Sports Law

Sponsorships | Endorsements | Brand Protection | IP Licensing & Enforcement

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Why Choose Our Firm

You will always come first, because you are not just another case to us. 

  • We provide free case evaluations. 

  • We offer video and in-office meetings. 

  • We have a caring staff. 

  • We offer bilingual services. 

  • We think outside the box to ensure your success.

Best lawyers in Arizona Krystle Delgado

Call our law firm at 480-248-0657 and we can provide you with a no-obligation case evaluation. 

The best lawyers in Arizona
Arizona Entertainment Attorney
Delgado Entertainment Law

Recognized By

Record label Attorney Arizona
Music Producer Lawyer Arizona
Best Trademarks Lawyers Arizona
Best Music Lawyers
Best Entertainment Lawyers
Best Business Lawyers Arizona
Best copyright lawyers arizona
Best Franchise Lawyers Arizona

We don't just do business...

Our legal specialists are ready to help you with your entertainment business and career. We are proud to work with:  

  • Social media influencers;  

  • Celebrities;

  • Musicians;

  • Artists;

  • Filmmakers; and 

  • Record Labels. 

Let's build, together. 

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Live Concert

Want to Build Your Record Label with a Music Lawyer? Apply below. 

how to build a record label
THIS is what works | Start a Music Career | Entertainment Attorney explains
How To Break As An Independent Artist | 6 PROVEN Tips For Success | Music Business Podcast
The Best (And Worst) Contract Terms | Artist Producer Contracts | Entertainment Lawyer Explains
Music Business Attorney

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon: Your Guide To Crushing The Music Industry

Best rated business attorneys

 "Krystle expertly explains in great detail what to look out for and how to protect yourself. This is a great well written essential resource for any artist. Highly recommended!"

-Ricardo (Amazon Review)


"Step by step on how to protect yourself in the Music Business. This Book could help from making a lot of expensive mistakes."

- Manuel (Amazon Review)

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