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The Dark Side Of The Music Industry: 5 Ways To Conquer The Rigged Music Business

Hey there, It's Miss Krystle, your trusted music attorney, here to reveal more jaw-dropping realities of the music industry. Today, I'm lifting the veil on this “rigged system” and equipping you with valuable strategies to not only survive but thrive. I'm here to guide you through this journey and if you need extra help, you can always reach out to me through the Top Music Attorney Instagram. So, for now let's jump right in!

1. The Power of Strategic Alliances

In this cutthroat industry, connections are everything. It's not just about what you know; it's about who you know. Network relentlessly, attend industry events, and collaborate with fellow artists and industry insiders. Build a support system of like-minded individuals who believe in your talent and are willing to champion your cause.

For instance, consider joining music associations, participating in music showcases, or even co-writing songs with other artists. Your network can open doors and help you navigate the dark waters of industry. We even have a Private Facebook Group where you can network with like-minded artists and producers.

Pro Tip: Connect with club owners, bar owners, promoters, and bartenders in your local music scene. These folks can be your foot soldiers, spreading the word about your talent and propelling your career forward.

2. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator, and Björk achieved greatness by being true to themselves. Don't strive to be another cookie-cutter artist; dare to be different! Find inspiration from other musicians but put your unique twist on it. Showcase your personality, quirks, and individuality. Discover your own sound, develop a personal brand, and connect with fans who appreciate your true artistry.

3. Unleash Your Brain with Guerilla Marketing

Digital platforms are essential, but don't rely solely on them. Unleash your creativity and engage in guerilla marketing tactics. Surprise your audience with pop-up performances in unexpected locations or come up with captivating music videos that leave a lasting impression. Collaborate with local businesses to create unique content that resonates with your target audience.

Pro Tip: Network, network, network! Surround yourself with go-getters, filmmakers, and content creators who share your passion for success.

4. The Power of Independence

Being an independent artist is not a disadvantage; it's a strength! Embrace the collective power of independent artists and find platforms that champion your music. Seek out independent blogs and playlists that cater to your genre. Engage with taste makers and industry insiders who share your love for independent music.

Pro Tip: Building a supportive community is crucial for indie artists. Collaborate with fellow musicians, promote each other's work, and grow together.

5. Master Your Craft:

Never forget that you are an artist at heart. Dedicate time to master your craft and continuously improve your skills. Share your journey with your audience by documenting your creative process and showing yourself in action. Don't be shy to feature your talent as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, or any other musical prowess you possess.

Pro Tip: Use platforms like TikTok to capture behind-the-scenes moments and give your fans an authentic glimpse into your artist life

Fear not, my fellow musicians; success is within reach. Stay resilient and remember that setbacks are a part of the journey. Whether you need guidance or if you want to work with me to grow your music business, feel free to reach out.

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Stay informed, stay empowered, and keep creating!

Miss Krystle

Top Music Attorney


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