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"You only meet so many people in your life that truly impress you. Krystle Delgado is definitely one of those people. Her intimate knowledge of the entertainment industry subject has earned her the trust of novices and professionals alike."


- Aiyana Havir, JAVA Magazine, cover story 


"Delgado said after graduating with her law degree, she realized that she had the opportunity and client-base to expand her reach and cater to a niche market in Phoenix: the entertainment business. She has been representing clients in the entertainment industry ever since, and recently launched her own firm, Delgado Entertainment Law, PLLC. The firm works with musicians, artists, filmmakers and other entertainers to negotiate deals, review contracts and handle copyrights and trademarks."

- Skylar Mason, The State Press 

“[Krystle Delgado] somehow has managed to display a dizzying amount of time management in developing a flourishing law practice.”


- David Accomazzo, Phoenix New Times 



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