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Our Clients Include

We Also Work With


CineForge Media (Film & Media Production Company)

Arius (Dj Duo)

Clark (Musician/Performer)

Gardner Cole (Grammy Award Winning Producer)

Juan Mercado (Band Manager)
Nick Pargaz (Artist Manager)
The Thunder Sheep, LLC (Film Production Company)
Tim Young (Filmmaker/Private Investigator)
Tracy Kimbrell (Guitar Player)
Sean Nunnink (Drummer)
Bo Napoleon (Hawaiian Singer/Songwriter)

Kelly Marie Hair & Makeup (Beauty Salon)
Michael Schwahn (Film Producer)

Kim Dolan Leto (Fitness and Life Coach)
Impossible Records (Record Label)
Eternia Media (Graphic Design & Media Company

Shanice Malakai (Director/Producer/Editor)  

Record Labels   

Music Publishers

Digital Music Services

Internet Music Businesses

Music & Video Production Companies

Theatrical Producers

Recording Studios


Non-Profit Arts Organizations

Reality TV Production Companies

Music Venues

Concert Promoters

Entertainment Magazines

Artist Estates



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